Session Two: They Met in a Bar

  • City of Talon (Dragon & Cat, residential street near the docks, two floor workshop/house)
  • Evening/night of the twelfth day of the waning moon, late spring, clear weather
  • Branwyn, Dart, Prexi
  • Old Vic, Tam & Jax, Mae, inn full of patrons, unnamed family of four, unnamed city watch members, unnamed Protectorate officer

Branwyn and Dart were working the main room of the Dragon & Cat, with Prexi relaxing at the bar. Old Vic came in and took a table, and Tam & Jax soon join him.

Vic, Tam, and Jax were talking in whispers, arguing about something, with Jax watching the room as if he expected trouble. Vic produced a leather scroll case, Tam produced a cloth purse. Vic looked inside the purse and was apparently not pleased. He tucked the scroll case away, and the argument got louder. Finally, vic grabbed the purse and ran out of the inn. Tam and Jax gave chase.

Curious, Dart stepped outside to see the thugs beating Vic, then dragging him into an alley. Dart signaled to Prexi and Branwyn to join them in the street.

While they made their way outside, Dart cast an illusion of the sound of the watch approaching to scare Tam and Jax off. The trick only succeeded in scaring them into breaking into a house down the road to finish their work.

The adventurers were off at a run, finding Tam holding Vic’s hostage in someone’s darkened workshop. Branwyn kept him talking, while Dart kept him from running. There was a struggle, with Vic injured and Tam and trying to run. Dart stopped him while Branwyn healed Vic.

Meanwhile, Jax ran upstairs, and Prexi pursued. Upstairs, the family who lived above the workshop cowered away from the young thug, who had one of the children, a dagger to the throat.

Prexi tried to talk Jax into surrendering. Jax responded by cutting the child’s throat and running for the front window.

Downstairs, the watch actually arrived, and Branwyn told them what was going on. That was when the window above broke open and Jax lept down to the street… Into the middle of the watch.

Upstairs, Prexi paused to heal the child before diving out the window after Jax. The dragonborn was not as agile as the thug, crashing to the ground head-first.

The watch held everyone in place while a runner went off to summon backup from the garrison–the watch breaks up bar fights and that sort of thing, attempted murder was above their pay grade.

An officer of the Protectorate military arrived (eventually), directing the watch to haul Tam, Jax, and Vic off to jail. The officer then suggested that the adventurers repeat the story of the evening to him, in relative comfort back at the Dragon & Cat. This idea was well received, and the adventurers gave an official report.


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