Fell River

The Fell River marks the southern border of the Protectorate, or at least the land it has a solid hold on. The river has its sources in the forested hills to the west, and curves west/southwest to empty into the middle sea. The Fell has one major tributary, the Blood Run (named by the orcs for an old military victory).

The name comes from the fact that much of the wood used in the southern Protectorate is felled in the hills, and floated downstream to be shipped out from Talon. Near the coast, the land near the Fell is cleared for farming and grazing. As one heads west, this gives way to light woodland, new growth forest that’s grown up since the region was cut and burned clear during the invasions of orcs two hundred or so years ago.

The Fell also marks the northern border of the disputed territory between the Protectorate and the orcs. That land is held by neither, and is home to exiles, outcasts, and bandits.


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