Session Three: Up the River

  • City of Talon (Temple, Docks), on the Fell River
  • The fourteenth day of the waning moon through the third day of the waxing fourth moon, late spring
  • Branwyn, Dart, Keena, Prexi
  • Lt. Alton, Sgt. Brandon, 12 spearmen, Old Vic, Acolyte Mareon, Bandits Markos, Vasco, Peety

Two days after the arrest of Tam and Jax, Lt. Alton of the Protectorate Garrison came to Prexi as the dragonborn studied in the temple. Turns out that the map Old Vic had been trying to sell seemed to lead to a ruin from the reign of the Dragonborn King. Once Vic had given up the secret, the Commander of the Garrison told the Basillis of the city, and the two decided to send a patrol out to look.

As Prexi was dragonborn, and studying the place of dragons in human religion, the Commander decided to invite their distinguished guest along. Lt. Alton assumed that Branwyn and Dart were Prexi’s followers, and included them in the invitation.

After a day or so of preparation, the party assembled at the docks, where the adventurers, the soldiers, and three others were getting onto a boat for the trip. Keena, the ranger, had been hired by the Garrison to help them find the ruins. Old Vic was along to help navigate, and the temple sent Mareon, a scribe, along to make an official record of any discoveries.

It seems that heavy spring rains had caused landslides along the Fell river, one of which uncovered the ruins in question. So the party set out one morning for a trip expected to take a little longer than a day.

The party noticed a bandit hiding in the trees, and were able to prepare for ambush. The bandits knew someone was coming upriver looking for something valuable, but the men they’d sent into Talon to discover details had never reported back. so they were unprepared for dragonborn priests and lightning-throwing tieflings.

The battle was swift and one-sided. Most of the bandits fled, but three were captured for questioning. The party made camp on the opposite side of the river from the bandits, and after a bit of good-cop/bad-cop, told the party what was going on.

Tam and Jax had been working for the bandits. They’d gotten word that Kalash, leader of a band of orc, half-orc, and human bandits, were after a map leading to some rich score or another. So when they heard that Vic was selling a treasure map, they went to get it.

As we saw in the last session, they didn’t manage to acquire the map, and they never reported back to their friends. The bandits knew there was a map, that it was in Talon, and that they didn’t have it. It seemed reasonable that Vic might have sold it to someone, so they watched for parties of explorers heading out.

So now the players know that there are other, worse, people looking for whatever Vic’s map leads to–which the party will arrive at by mid-morning tomorrow.


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