Welcome, traveler.

So, no shit, there I was, telling stories about telling stories. Some folks’ heads were spinning, but it was impossible to tell whether they were confused by my recursive tale or had just had too much to drink.

Maybe I was the one who had too much to drink. It’s hard to count when the bar is spinning like this. Anyway, where was I…

Oh, yeah. Telling stories about telling stories. There’s a lot of philosophy, and some mysticism, to unpack in that. But to skip to the relevant part: This is where I talk about how we create stories at the gaming table. This is where I record the notes for games I run.

If you want to skip the game talk, you can click on Musings.

If you want to see what’s up in my game, you can click on Mortal Oath, which is the mythic fantasy I’m currently running with D&D5e.