Session Three: Up the River

City of Talon (Temple, Docks), on the Fell RiverThe fourteenth day of the waning moon through the third day of the waxing fourth moon, late springBranwyn, Dart, Keena, PrexiLt. Alton, Sgt. Brandon, 12 spearmen, Old Vic, Acolyte Mareon, Bandits Markos, Vasco, Peety Two days after the arrest of Tam and Jax, Lt. Alton of the … Continue reading Session Three: Up the River



Androgynous Tiefling Sorcerer Wild Magician Chaotic Neutral Storyteller Dart was an abandoned orphan who grew up on the streets of Freeport, using illusion to keep themselves, not out of trouble, but at least free. Recently, things got too hot in Freeport, and so Dart stowed away on a merchant ship heading north, into the Protectorate. … Continue reading Dart