Session Two: They Met in a Bar

City of Talon (Dragon & Cat, residential street near the docks, two floor workshop/house)Evening/night of the twelfth day of the waning moon, late spring, clear weatherBranwyn, Dart, PrexiOld Vic, Tam & Jax, Mae, inn full of patrons, unnamed family of four, unnamed city watch members, unnamed Protectorate officer Branwyn and Dart were working the main … Continue reading Session Two: They Met in a Bar



Male Human ThugBlocky, short-haired, scar-faced street scumNot the sharpest knife, but that doesn't matter if you stab really hard Jaxon of the Caladlings is the heavy to Tam's reasonable, and they work the streets and alleys of Talon as a team. Robbery and extortion are his specialty. Jax is one-quarter orc, on his mother's side. … Continue reading Jax


Male Human ThugLean, angry-looking man in his late 20s with lanky brown hair and permastubbleWorks with Jax, where Tam is the reasonable one and Jax is the violent one Tamos of Talon is a bastard in the old sense. He has no people, no place, just Jax and his own cunning. The two of them … Continue reading Tam

Old Vic

Male Human GuideSkinny, tanned, and scarred man in his fifties with stringy white hairWorks as a trail guide for merchants traveling near the disputed lands Marvic of the Caladlings has been wandering around these parts since before there was a highway, and he's likely to go on about it for as long as he's allowed … Continue reading Old Vic


Female Human BartenderRetired SoldierStocky, brown-skinned woman with greying brown hair (in braids) Maelyn of the Rastlings is the owner and bartender of the Dragon & Cat Inn in Talon. She's local to the Southmarch; her clan is centered to the north and west of Talon. She fought in the army of the Protectorate in the … Continue reading Mae


Talon is a small, walled city of 5,000 or so people. It is a port on the Middle Sea, and the southernmost terminus of the Archon's Highway, making it the center of trade for the southern half of the Southmarch. The city's full name is an archaic phrase meaning, "The Furthest Talon of the Great … Continue reading Talon


Female Gnome RangerChaotic GoodOutlander/Guide Keena is a native of the wooded hills and the coast near the city of Talon. She often hires out as a guide for hunters, travelers, and adventurers