Session Three: Up the River

City of Talon (Temple, Docks), on the Fell RiverThe fourteenth day of the waning moon through the third day of the waxing fourth moon, late springBranwyn, Dart, Keena, PrexiLt. Alton, Sgt. Brandon, 12 spearmen, Old Vic, Acolyte Mareon, Bandits Markos, Vasco, Peety Two days after the arrest of Tam and Jax, Lt. Alton of the … Continue reading Session Three: Up the River



Male Dragonborn (copper) ClericChaotic GoodTempest sphere Prexi grew up in the service of the Divine Copper Dragon, Axotaarross, faraway in the south-eastern mountains. In time, he was sent abroad to learn of the respect given dragons in the religions of other peoples. He began his survey in the Protectorate, because of their reverence for the … Continue reading Prexi