Session Two: They Met in a Bar

City of Talon (Dragon & Cat, residential street near the docks, two floor workshop/house)Evening/night of the twelfth day of the waning moon, late spring, clear weatherBranwyn, Dart, PrexiOld Vic, Tam & Jax, Mae, inn full of patrons, unnamed family of four, unnamed city watch members, unnamed Protectorate officer Branwyn and Dart were working the main … Continue reading Session Two: They Met in a Bar



Male Human ThugBlocky, short-haired, scar-faced street scumNot the sharpest knife, but that doesn't matter if you stab really hard Jaxon of the Caladlings is the heavy to Tam's reasonable, and they work the streets and alleys of Talon as a team. Robbery and extortion are his specialty. Jax is one-quarter orc, on his mother's side. … Continue reading Jax