Session Two: They Met in a Bar

City of Talon (Dragon & Cat, residential street near the docks, two floor workshop/house)Evening/night of the twelfth day of the waning moon, late spring, clear weatherBranwyn, Dart, PrexiOld Vic, Tam & Jax, Mae, inn full of patrons, unnamed family of four, unnamed city watch members, unnamed Protectorate officer Branwyn and Dart were working the main … Continue reading Session Two: They Met in a Bar


Old Vic

Male Human GuideSkinny, tanned, and scarred man in his fifties with stringy white hairWorks as a trail guide for merchants traveling near the disputed lands Marvic of the Caladlings has been wandering around these parts since before there was a highway, and he's likely to go on about it for as long as he's allowed … Continue reading Old Vic