Session Two: They Met in a Bar

City of Talon (Dragon & Cat, residential street near the docks, two floor workshop/house)Evening/night of the twelfth day of the waning moon, late spring, clear weatherBranwyn, Dart, PrexiOld Vic, Tam & Jax, Mae, inn full of patrons, unnamed family of four, unnamed city watch members, unnamed Protectorate officer Branwyn and Dart were working the main … Continue reading Session Two: They Met in a Bar



Male Human ThugLean, angry-looking man in his late 20s with lanky brown hair and permastubbleWorks with Jax, where Tam is the reasonable one and Jax is the violent one Tamos of Talon is a bastard in the old sense. He has no people, no place, just Jax and his own cunning. The two of them … Continue reading Tam