The Dragon & Cat Inn

The Dragon & Cat is an inn and public house in the docklands of Talon. Once upon a time, the inn was a two-story brick-and-wood building. But after the night of the Great Fire that was Definitely Not Roderick's Fault, they moved across the street into a former stable. The stalls have been converted into … Continue reading The Dragon & Cat Inn



Talon is a small, walled city of 5,000 or so people. It is a port on the Middle Sea, and the southernmost terminus of the Archon's Highway, making it the center of trade for the southern half of the Southmarch. The city's full name is an archaic phrase meaning, "The Furthest Talon of the Great … Continue reading Talon


Female Gnome RangerChaotic GoodOutlander/Guide Keena is a native of the wooded hills and the coast near the city of Talon. She often hires out as a guide for hunters, travelers, and adventurers


Male Dragonborn (copper) ClericChaotic GoodTempest sphere Prexi grew up in the service of the Divine Copper Dragon, Axotaarross, faraway in the south-eastern mountains. In time, he was sent abroad to learn of the respect given dragons in the religions of other peoples. He began his survey in the Protectorate, because of their reverence for the … Continue reading Prexi


Androgynous Tiefling Sorcerer Wild Magician Chaotic Neutral Storyteller Dart was an abandoned orphan who grew up on the streets of Freeport, using illusion to keep themselves, not out of trouble, but at least free. Recently, things got too hot in Freeport, and so Dart stowed away on a merchant ship heading north, into the Protectorate. … Continue reading Dart